Vancouver, BC

Tevis Toro - BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer

Owner & Operator of Torotactix
Offering online and in person fitness training with a focus on functional movements, muscle development and weight loss.

Now accepting new in person and online training guests.


"Training with us means you'll learn how to move better, get stronger and lose weight through proper exercise, nutrition and recovery tactics. By committing to a program; a fitness professional will be committed to you. I want all my guests to be an ambassador of fitness to their friends and family through their own success." -Tevis Toro


My Story

With over ten years in the fitness industry, Tevis is excited to be sharing his beliefs on exercise and wellness. "As a youth my activity was fuelled by processed foods and I felt terrible because of it. By my early 20's twenties I was moving less and still clueless in the kitchen. It got bad when exercise wasn't enough to lose the weight packing on, but it was apparent no one was going to prioritize my health but me."

Tevis began learning how to prepare his food properly from scratch and became consistent with his exercise. Honing these skills, he noticed a strong positive change in his energy and mood. "Knowing how to prioritize my health and wellness was the best decision I ever made. I want to help others do the same".

His passion for health and fitness soon had people asking for advice. "Everyone was lost in a sea of misinformation like I had been. By sharing what I had done to take charge of my health and wellness, others seemed to benefit. I delighted in finding what works for the individual."

Tevis believes that with proper support, anyone can make a positive change in their life. "Life changing success happens when the individual becomes inspired to make a change. I want to foster that moment with an action plan that gives you the blueprint required to push through discomfort and into success." Tevis wants to help you towards a more fulfilling and healthier life, so sign up today!

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Tevis is a movement based, Fitness Professional. He coaches and empowers clients on how to change lifestyle and behavioral patterns to better support living a healthy lifestyle, in conjunction with utilizing highly effective training techniques, which promote fast body transformations.

"With Tevis' constant motivation and incredible exercise routines I have seen amazing results"
Olivia Smith
Tevis is by far the most innovative trainer ever. He utilizes exercises and routines that get maximum results"
John Williams
"With Tevis' fitness and nutrition coaching, and wise guidance, I can now go to the gym with the confidence"
Liz James

How to sign up for your Mobile Tactix Program


Proven and effective programs designed to get you moving pain free!

8 WEEKS / $39.95 PER MONTH:

Follow a professionally designed exercise program that’s automated to keep you on track. Know what exercises and how to do them each day with clear instructional videos, straight to your mobile device.  Workout notes let you communicate which exercises do and don’t work for you. Each program has priority suggestions on how to maximize efficiency through nutrition and recovery as well.  Just sign up, fill out your consultation form and a coach will determine the best exercise program for you. Let’s get you moving!


This program is for guests who want a little more personalization to their program.  You receive all the benefits of the BRONZE package but now you’ll also have a personal trainer assigned to follow and check in on your progress each week. With access to a two-way messaging service between you and your trainer, you’ll get professional advice on how to overcome obstacles with your exercise, nutrition and/or recovery.  Sign up today and let’s get you stronger!

12 WEEKS / $149.95 PER MONTH

This is the full package services that provides you with all the benefits of the SILVER and GOLD packages, but also includes (6) bi-weekly coaching sessions. Talk to your coach through Skype and develop a plan for actionable change within the realm of exercise, nutrition and recovery. Each session lasts 30 – 35 minutes and will provide you with an agreed upon action plan that pertains to your health and fitness goals.  These  Sign up today and let’s get you started!


Book a (60min) in person Functional Strength Assessment where you’ll be assessed on your ability to perform 15 different movements before moving onto six different strength exercises. The intensity is determined by your ability, safety and desire.  Afterwards you’ll have access to four weeks of a personalized program created from the results of your assessment.  It’s the perfect way to break plateau’s and understand how to treat your body better.  Sign up the following month and receive a personal training session to build on your current program.  Check the calendar now for availability and location!


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